Our Work

Two people can never have exactly the same finger prints. Similarly,
two restaurant stories can never be the same.

That’s our endeavour to create a Unique restaurant story pertaining to its founder.

Each project for is a differentiated story, emitting from the Founders or Partners perspective.

We ensure the script is written keeping its actors in frame,
creating for the audience a restaurant experience that is signature & unparalleled.

Work Highlights Across FNB Sectors

Cloud Kitchen Solutions:

Hundo Pizza

Hundo Pizza is a digital 1st Artisanal & Affordable Pizza delivery only, Cloud kitchen Brand 2 Outlet strong & quickly growing, its amongst the top 10 Best Cloud Kitchen brands in Mumbai.

QSR Solutions:

Soup Bowl

India's 1st & only Soup based QSR chain.

Rooftop Dining:

The Basil Garden

Basil Garden is an elite rooftop dining brand for Continental, Italian & Mediterranean cuisine.

Boutique Café:

Bandstand Pantry

Band Stand Pantry is a cute little boutique café at Bandstand Bandra.
Key highlights of the brand can be summed up as Single origin coffee, Ingredient’s First ,Health & Gourmet .
In a short time, it has become a local favourite of Band standers & making waves in the city.

Fine Dining:


Mumbai 1st Tapas Lounge & Bar.